Silent Hill Radio Interview

Jodelle Ferland: Hi

Rafe Telsch: Hi, how ya doing today?

JF: Good.

RT: Good. So are you ready for Silent Hill to come out?

JF: Yep. (Words unclear)

RT: Are you going to be able to see it?

JF: Yep, I'm going to the premiere.

RT: Oh good. Where is the premiere?

JF: In LA. I? so excited I love LA. Love, LA, because it's hot. And um, I live in Vancouver and it's not always as hot there as it is in LA, so I like LA.

RT: Well why don? you tell me a little about a, about a?aking Silent Hill. What? your character like in this?

JF: Uh, well I play three characters.

RT: Okay.

JF: So, Dark Alessa is the scary one, the white makeup, and um and the black stringy hair. And then I play Sharon, who is the adopted daughter of a?f Rose, and she, she keeps talking about this place called Silent Hill and but she is sort of sleepwalking when she does it. So, when she wakes up she doesn? remember that she? been doing that. And then there? Alessa, who is the daughter of Dahlia?nd she?veryone really thinks she? a bad person, and they call her a witch. But?eah, so no one likes her, they?e really mean to her. And Dark Alessa is sort of the bad of Alessa and that? why she? all scary and strange. But?o, those are the three characters I play.

RT: That? a lot to keep track of. Did you a, did you have to play the same different characters on the same day or did you a?id you just play one character on one day and then switch characters for another day?

JF: Hmm?ell, it depends a?ome days it would just be one character, because the scene would be really long and, and it would take a long time to film, and so I was just one character for that day, or something like that. But, um?ots of the time, I-I? play different characters in one day too. But it? a?ind of on what day, it was a lot of both.

RT: So um, how did you keep track of what character you were playing, I mean did you talk with the director a lot about, um, this specifically needs to be this character, did you have any trouble diffenturating characters?

JF: Hm, well no, because?ell first of all the whole make-up, hair and wardrobe is different for each character. Wardrobe is different for every character, and the hair is different for every character but?h, just I think a makeup for Dark Alessa is different.

RT: Gotcha.

JF: So, it wasn? really hard to tell the difference, especially when I? dark Alessa.

RT: So um, the poster for this you have no mouth for it, I?e heard it? um?here? lots of people who?e been filling in that mouth in New York city, with a, with different-

JF: Yeah! That? where I am right now, so I? going to go see if it? true. I? going to the subways to see my mouth drawn on.

RT: I?e heard you like to draw?

JF: Yeah!

RT: What would you, what you draw in that space?

JF: Um?ell? mouth. I hate drawing mouths though, so probably I would just leave it how it is.

RT: I?e noticed you?e played a lot of roles in movies like this, kind of a thriller and horror and suspense type movies. So is that a conscience choice?

JF: Uh, well?ust people like to cast me for that a lot. A? don? know why. Well, it? not really that I choose to do horror movies, not that I don? like them, cause I really do, just I get cast for a lot of them.

RT: Do, do you find it easier to um, watch them since you?e been behind the scenes and you know exactly what, a is it a different experience watching the movie than making the movie for you? Or do you, watching the movie do you just remember oh that? what it was like to film on this day.

JF: Well, it??ot scary when you?e filming it, but sometimes you can be creeped out. It? not really scary, like, like it is in the movie. I? sure I?l be really scared when I see it but I was never actually scared during filming.

RT: What? it like filming a movie like this, uh, you say it? not scary, is it just real casual, real laid back, there just happens to be someone there with a, no face or that kind of thing.

JF: Well, I didn? get to see a lot with the monsters but I was pretty creeped out, I was kind of freaked out when I saw a, well what they call the grave children. I saw one of them and she was in this suit with prosthetics and make-up, and her face was in front but uh, well her real eyes where in front-sorry it? hard to describe-and then they had fake eyes on the suit that were sort of on the side. And, so it was?retty gross. I wasn't expecting that and I could never tell if she, if she knew I was looking at her because her, her real eyes, you couldn? see them, it was pretty creepy.

RT: Well that? pretty neat. So what was your favorite part of the movie?

JF: My favorite part?

RT: Uh-huh.

JF: Well? guess my favorite part in filming was a?he?he first part because, that was the most fun to do. I was down in a, a harness, attached to a truck so there was no way I could fall and if I did I definitely wasn? going anywhere. And that was the most fun part filming.

RT: Cool.

JF: But?eah, I know it was so fun. I was only allowed to be near the edge during the scene you know? But there was no way I was going anywhere cause I was attached to a truck, so? big truck.

RT: What was it like working with the rest of the cast on this project, uh, you worked with uh, did you work with Sean Bean?

JF: Yeah, for, for um, just like three scenes or something, but I worked with Radha [Mitchell] the most, she? one of my favorite actresses for it, that I worked with. She? the most fun, well not out of the actresses in Silent Hill but she? one of my favorite actresses I?e worked with.

RT: You?e done some television, you?e done some movies, uh do you like movies over television or do you just take whatever you can get right now?

JF: Yeah well, I don? really?ind what it is? like doing horrors, comedy and? pretty much like doing everything.

RT: What? your favorite project that you?e worked on so far?

JF: Well?I>Silent Hill and Tideland are my favorites.

RT: Uh, why?

JF: Why?

RT: Yeah.

JF: Um?ust cause they were recently the?h the most fun film but, also before that I didn? really film away from home that much, I-I did for like?ome show, some show, but?? never been away for that long so uh?hey, they were the most fun film for that reason and, well, just cause they were fun films and because Christophe Gans and Terry Gilliam were the most fun directors, the most fun directors that I?e ever worked with. So?hat? part of them being my favorite films.

RT: Cool. What sets them aside from other directors you?e worked with what do you think makes them your favorite directors you?e worked with?

JF: Hm, well basically just that they?e the most fun I?e ever worked with and um?ell, I mean I?e worked with a lot of directors but they?e all really different so?o they?e my favorites.

RT: Hey, well having fun is a good enough reason. What a, yeah who? your favorite actress who do you uh, most want to be like?

JF: I a? don? have anyone that I want to be like but I have a lot of favorite, well not a lot, But I have favorite actors and actresses but no one that I actually want to be like.

RT: Who, well who are your favorite actors and actresses then?

JF: Uh, Johnny Depp, and?h?nd?enee Zellweger, and hm, and?here? a lot that I like in a lot of films. But?ohnny Depp is my favorite actor. Cause I really like Pirates of the Caribbean. And I can? wait for the new one to come out.

RT: What uh, you?e getting ready to turn 13 this year right?

JF: What?

RT: You turn 13 later this year?

JF: No, everyone thinks I? 12. I? 11. And I turn 12 this year.

RT: Okay you turn 12 later this year, do you think you?e going to keep with acting for a while? Or do you think at any point you?e going to stop and try to kind of live the normal life for a while?r what? your plan for the future right now?

JF: Well, I don? know why I would stop right now?ut?eah I can? think of any reason why I would stop but um, obviously I can? really decide yet, but I don? think I would stop. Can? think of any reason.

RT: Very cool. Okay. What? the one thing about Jodelle that you? like my listeners to know? You know, what cool, interesting tidbit about yourself can you tell us?

JF: Hm? can draw really good horses. They look real.

RT: Well, cool, cool.

JF: I think there? scans on the Internet, well on the forums [Stardom Secured] so?t? probably outdated by now. But, because I scanned some and sent them to one of my fans.

RT: Oh very cool.

JF: Who sent mail to me.

RT: Well I appreciate you taking time to talk with us today.

JF: Thank you.

RT: And uh? hope you enjoy seeing Silent Hill as much as you enjoyed making it.

JF: Ooh, I hope I will too.

RT: Thanks.

JF: Thank you.

End of interview.

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