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BD: Hello Jodelle! Wow, you must love scary movies as you’ve been in so many: "Carrie", "They", "Sole Survivor", "Kingdom Hospital", the TV series "Supernatural" [episode "Provenance"] and now "Silent Hill". Do you like horror movies?
Jodelle Ferland: Yes! They are so much fun to film. I don’t know why I keep getting cast in them but I love doing them. And I love to watch horror movies too – I really liked "The Grudge", "Dark Water" and "The Amityville Horror".

BD: Did you set out to be an actor and have you had any training?
Jodelle Ferland: My older brother and sister used to act but they don't anymore. I haven’t had any training – I don't even have an acting coach [laughs].

BD: Tell me about your character in "Silent Hill". I heard you really play 3 different characters.
Jodelle Ferland: That's right. I play Sharon – she's the adopted daughter of Rose and Sharon wants to go to Silent Hill. She also sleepwalks. Then I play Alessa who is the daughter of Dahlia [Deborah Kara Unger] and everyone thinks Alessa is a witch. I also play Dark Alessa who is the bad part of Alessa – she's the one who I get to wear the scary makeup for.

BD: Radha Mitchell described you as "a little genius". What was Radha like to work with?
Jodelle Ferland: Thanks Radha [laughs]! Radha is one of my favorite actresses and I would love to work with her again. She was a good on-set mom, even though my own mom was there. I worked the most with Radha as well as Deborah and Alice [Krige]. I didn't work much with Sean Bean who plays my dad.

BD: In your opinion, how scary is "Silent Hill"?
Jodelle Ferland: I haven't seen it yet – I will get to see it when it premieres in Los Angeles on April 20th. I don't know what to expect but I know it's scary. I did see some of the creatures on the set. I saw the Gray Children who chase Rose. It was funny because their eyes are on the sides of their heads so I thought they could see me but the actors' eyes inside the costume look straight ahead so they really couldn;t see me [laughs].

BD: What do you think about how the "Silent Hill" poster with your mouthless face on it is being "decorated" by people all over the country
Jodelle Ferland: I didn’t know about that! I'm in New York right now so I'll have to check it out while I'm here. It really is weird to see myself without a mouth.

BD: How long did you work on "Silent Hill"?
Jodelle Ferland: I was in Toronto for three months for the film although I wasn't working every single day I was there.

BD: I heard you and director Christophe Gans will be signing posters from the film at Dark Delicacies bookstore in Burbank, California on April 29th. Are you excited about that?
Jodelle Ferland: That will be fun! I've heard about Dark Delicacies and it sounds like a neat place!

BD: Are you working on any new projects right now?
Jodelle Ferland: There are some movies I might do and I think one might be another horror movie [laughs]. Right now I'm really just promoting "Silent Hill".

BD: Do you want to keep on acting?
Jodelle Ferland: Yes, I do want to keep on acting. I've done it since I was 2 years old and I love it!